Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is Michelle Obama?

Few would believe that the woman dominating this election would not be either a Clinton or an Obama, but a Palin. Hillary Clinton is taking the activist college freshman angle on her support for Obama, limiting it to a pin and a funny bumper sticker on her car that says something like "Obama Said Knock You Out". She is, essentially, half-assing it. As far as she is concerned, she looked and played nice at the convention, quelling any storylines of intra-party feuds, and keeping her in good enough shape for the next election.

But as for Michelle, where did she go? Her appearance at the Democratic National Convention, The View, and her ever improving stump speech made her a force to be reckoned with. She is a woman with keen working class and feminine sensibilities like Hillary; a figure that inspires curiosity and likeability like her husband (and she is far prettier, lovelier, attractive..umm, sorry, I digress). But she is nowhere to be found.

She may be too ready for prime-time. Obama folks may think she is better off as a non-factor than as an x-factor. They rather play it safe and keep her away from galvanizing any side, including the opposing side, than to make her Eva to Barack's Peron, Hillary to Barack's Bubba.

If this is so, the Obama campaign is stepping into familiar marshy terrain. They are playing it too safe. Michelle Obama could be the Sarah Palin Sen. Joe Biden has failed to become. Yes, she could rile up the right-wing, but she will also fire up the rest of the electorate, and even Barack and Joe themselves. If there is anything Michelle certainly is, it is a strong, confident woman. And that is something that will fire up anyone for or against the very idea of one.

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a lighting rod. And that, in politics, has more pros than cons. That is what gave Hillary her die-hard loyal support, and what gave Bush his re-election. Playing it safe, and nice, and too friendly might do Barack in. He needs to roll up his sleeves (even more), trust his wife's instincts, kick Biden in the balls, and come out swinging.

Michelle Obama could be Barack's running mate, more than Joe has. Hey, it worked for Sarah with her First Dude, Todd Palin. Why not?


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mafan said...

Well-said, chief. So how do you suggest we get Michelle back in the game? You know my sentiments on Mr. Biden (I'm still hoping he'll be the dark horse and come out strong during the debates ~ it'll be a slippery slope though with potential slips of the tongue). Suppose we'll have to wait and see..